How to Plan a Successful Sweet Sixteen


A sweet sixteen is more than just a party, it’s a lifelong memory. However for parents and family members planning the sweet sixteen, it can be a headache. If you want to throw the perfect sweet sixteen for your loved one, there are few helpful tips that you need to know starting with hiring party planner ny professionals.

Send invitations early

When it comes to throwing the best sweet sixteen, the earlier you send invitations, the less stressed you will be. Early invitations mean guests respond sooner, and you can be sure of your guest list and head count well ahead of time. Now just be sure to create invitations with flare. The invitations set the stage for a fabulous party.

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Choose a trendy theme

The theme should be the center of your party planing attention. The theme determines everything; decorations, centerpieces, maybe even food and music. Make sure you are up to date with the most popular sweet sixteen themes such as beach, fairytale, glow themed, and more.

Select a tasty cuisine

How do you feed a party full of teenage boys and girls? The right way of course. This means you can skip the five- course meal and opt for buffet style instead. Be sure to include snacks, lots of snacks, and stick to your theme.

Hire the entertainment

This is where your party planner professionals will be the most helpful. Today’s entertainment means more than just a DJ or band. Entertainment options include artists, carnival performers, live dancers, even photo booth options.

Be prepared with an itinerary

An itinerary will save your sanity and prevent any awkward downtime, your birthday girl Urey does not want. Schedule approximately how long activities will take and how to transition from one activity to the next.

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